The Old Humble Distilling Company was founded on one mission:  make the best damn whiskey, period. Look for Old Humble products at your favorite retailer or bar, and if we're not there, ask for us by name.  

Old Humble Distilling Company
Texas Straight Whiskey

If it weren't for wildcats, Humble wouldn't be what it is today.  The pioneers of the oilfield, wildcats would drill hole after hole looking for the strike that would eventually pay off.  These wildcats discovered the bubbling wealth under Humble's salt dome and helped fuel a nation. We honor those men with this Straight Whiskey.


90 proof

This whiskey is made from nearly 100% corn and features only 9% barley to give the whiskey a soft, sweet flavor. It's then aged 5 years in used bourbon barrels, and handcrafted and bottled right here in Humble, Texas. The barrels don't overpower the whiskey, leaving it with a light, mild flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla, and none of the bite of your typical bourbons.

Old Humble Special Reserve Whiskey

We have taken a portion of our Straight Whiskey and sent it back to the barrels for a little extra aging. This Special Reserve has a deeper, darker color and a richer, smokier flavor to match it. Supply is always limited, so get it while you can!


90 proof

A rich, dark, smoky whiskey with a smooth, clean flavor. Tastes great neat or on the rocks, and pairs well with friends and tall tales like that time you and the crew went to Buda and caught that one band in the bar and spent the whole night with the band and ...  well, those stories are better told over a glass our Special Reserve, and a cigar or two. 


Old Humble Boomtown Bourbon


RETURNING IN SUMMER 2021! The last batch sold out in just five days, so make sure to reserve your bottle today. 

This meticulously hand-crafted bourbon pays homage to the good oil days that literally put Humble on the map. It is a traditional tri-grain bourbon that reminds you what bourbon is supposed to taste like. A robust flavor with a smooth finish are hallmarks of the time and energy that goes into each bottle.


90 proof

A robust, complex flavor with a smooth sweet finish and no harsh afterburn.

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