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Back at the turn of the 20th century Humble was a brand new boomtown bursting at the seams with roughnecks looking to blow off some steam.  A full century later our town's fortunes are still closely tied to the oil industry, but the entertainment options include far fewer brothels and street fights. 


We are very excited to be opening the Wildcat Lounge at the Old Humble Distilling Company.  The Roughneck Social Club is your opportunity to take part in all the special events that we'll be having in the lounge. We're planning game and trivia nights, movie nights, watch parties and all kinds of other activities at the Wildcat Lounge.  We're also going to be bringing in some super talented folks including bands, comics, burlesque acts and sideshow acts that will require a cover charge, but members of the Roughneck Social Club get to skip that charge.  You fine folks will also get dibs on special whiskey releases, early access to special event giveaways, and year round merchandise discounts.  So click on over and join the club. We'll be happy to have you on board and we'll make sure your membership has priveleges.