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Limited edition
72 Hour Blackout



Born from the epic freeze that spawned a 72 hour blackout across the area, our limited edition 72 Hour Blackout Boomtown Bourbon is made with water harvested from that freeze.

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Limited Edition
72 Hour Blackout
Boomtown Bourbon

It started with a very cold day, that gave way to a very cold night. As the temperatures continued to plunge everything froze and the lights went out. Everything was dark for 72 hours, and when the roads finally cleared we made our way to the distillery to check on our plumbing.

The pipes held. But our cisterns were full. That rain water we collect to make our whiskeys had already filled our tanks and the thawing ice and snow was overfilling them.

That was when I decided to draw off some of that water so that something good could come of this event. Something good, and delicious.

That was the birth of the idea of a bourbon made with meltwater from the snowpocalypse.

We were only able to collect so much water, so there will only be so many bottles available. Get them while you can, becasue when they're gone, they're gone.

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19103 Continental Parkway Suite C
Humble, Texas 77346

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